A history of the project in pictures …

The weir was built by Hugh Lupus in 1093, and provided clean water for over 850 years.
The Chester Corporation had already built a coal fired power station in 1896, and the Chester Electrical Undertaking’s pioneering Electrical Engineer Sidney Britton planned a hydroelectric station on the site of the old flour mill to expand capacity. It was the first hydro electric station in the UK to use both run of the river and tidal flow to generate energy. Original design was made to match the former mill but the then board of architects complained saying the building should be fitted in to its surroundings. Construction commenced in 1911.
3 turbines, 500kW, operated until 1949, when government wanted to focus on coal.
A plan to create a 500kw hydro-electric station was developed by Cheshire West & Chester Council and the University of Chester between 2005-2015, but Government funding was withdrawn for this type of project.
The site is perfect for:-
Explaining the history of Chester’s power
Educating people about water management
Educating people about fish management
Educating people about the SSSI flora and fauna management
Educating people about how clean energy destroyed the port of Chester!
Demonstrating the future of clean, renewable energy – water, wind, solar, hydrogen

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