CHASE – Cheshire Heritage and Sustainability Enterprises C.I.C. – is the managing company for the Hydro Hub scheme. It was founded in early 2021 to act as the facilitating vehicle to identify heritage locations in Cheshire that can be re-purposed or reanimated in a way that preserves the integrity of their original design & construction whilst additionally re-purposing them to provide new viable futures. The CIC will be “not for profit” with any surpluses being ploughed back into the operation to support its sustainability. No fees or dividends will be taken by the directors or shareholders.

The Directors are :-

Dr David Niall Macfadyen (Chair)

Prof Garfield Jeffery Southall (Secretary & Treasurer)

Mr Michael Hogg 

Mr John Egan 

Mrs Katrina Kerr

Mr Ian Hesketh 

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